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The Nintendo 3DS isn’t dead yet, says Nintendo of America’s Doug Bowser.

In a new interview with The Verge, NOA president Doug Bowser speaks about the impressive sales of the Nintendo Switch Lite, wayward Joy-Cons, and the future of the 3DS.

On the subject of the recently released Nintendo Switch Lite, Bowser says “sales have been additive to the overall Switch business” and that the console is appealing to a broader audience, including a higher percentage of female players.

Speaking about the ageing Nintendo 3DS, Bowser explains that the nine-year-old console will remain positioned as a cheap entry point for younger gamers, saying that “as long as consumer demand is there, we’ll continue to provide both hardware and software on that front.” Without going into specifics, he reaffirms that Nintendo will continue supporting the system into 2020.

Tackling the thorny subject of Joy-Con drift, Bowser reiterates that affected players can get help from the company’s customer support and repair service.

“We are continuously looking at ways to improve our products as we go forward, but in the end we want consumers to have a great experience. And if in any case they’re not having that experience, we encourage them to contact our customer support groups and we’ll do our best to help them through that. That has been how we’ve been handling our consumers over the last few months as issues like this have arisen, and we believe that consumers are finding their way back to great gameplay experiences.”

Bowser also discusses the possibility of new micro-consoles and the difficulties of sharing Nintendo accounts across multiple Switch consoles.

Read the full interview at The Verge.

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