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Nintendo is joining forces with Line to develop Dr. Mario World for iOS and Android.

Yesterday’s news confirming the delay of Nintendo’s upcoming mobile racer, Mario Kart Tour, has been followed by the announcement of a brand new mobile puzzle game, Dr. Mario World.

The game is being developed in partnership with Japanese company Line, and is set for release on iOS and Android this summer. It will be free-to-play, and offer in-app purchases.

Line is best-known for its popular messaging app, which Nintendo often uses as marketing tool by sending images and calendars to fans.

Of all the franchises in Nintendo’s IP library, the Dr. Mario series is one of the best suited to make the transfer to smart devices. Mobile puzzle games are plentiful, massively popular, and provide publishers with a myriad of monetization options.

We’re looking forward to this, but expect Dr. Mario’s traditional pill-popping gameplay to be supplemented with timers, medicines, and all sorts of other paid for cure alls.

The game will launch in 60 countries, including the UK, US, Japan, and Australia.

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