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Two years after its release, Nintendo drops a new trailer for Breath of the Wild

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Did you know you can play Breath of the Wild in the, er, wild?

Recently, I was on a ski holiday. Once I got over my distress that I couldn’t play Steep (I’m not really over it) my next best choice was Breath of the Wild. I was exploring the frigid mountain regions north of Gerudo in a wooden chalet 1400m up a mountain in the French Alps.

Yes, I was wearing my warm doublet, and I’d eaten a bunch of spicy peppers.

Nintendo was clearly having similar thoughts about playing Breath of the Wild in the wilderness. On Friday, as I skied through a blizzard, Nintendo released a new trailer for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, almost two years to the day since its original release.

It’s another one of those slightly odd videos, where Nintendo likes to remind us that the Nintendo Switch is actually portable (like this one, for Mario Kart 8 and Final Fantasy VII). It’s like those strange adverts for holiday and travel search engine websites, where they make a big deal of “you can use filters!” as a sales pitch.

It’s also a strange choice to see our faceless protagonist in a Nintendo-red anorak rather than a Hylian-blue (or classic Hylian-green) hood, but we see what they were shooting for.

But still: playing the pretty environments of Breath of the Wild in a pretty, wild environment? I can wholeheartedly recommend it.

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