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Meanwhile over on 3DS, Sega classics Super Hang On and Space Harrier are arriving with new stereoscopic effects. Nintendo’s UK eShop releases go live on Thursday 28th November, with the exception of Super Mario 3D world, which will be available from Friday 29th November.

Wii U

Super Mario 3D World – £49.99

Wii U Virtual Console

Uncharted Waters: New Horizons – £5.49


3D Super Hang On – £4.49
3D Space Harrier – £4.49
Angry Bunnies – £5.99
World Conqueror 3D – £4.29
Mystery Murders: The Sleeping Palace – £4.49
One Piece Romance Dawn -£28.49
Doodle Jump Adventures – £19.99
Power Rangers Megaforce – £28.49
My Baby Pet Hotel 3D – £24.99
Crash’n the Boys Street Challenge – £3.59

Angry Bunnies sounds fun, wonder where they got the idea?

  1. Crash’n’the boys? Is that one band, with Crash, and the boys?

    It always surprises me how games on the eshop, (with the exception of the latest Phoenix Wright) stay at full price, the same price they are in the stores anyway. It is the same game, but minus packaging, shipping, handling and store driven profits; shouldn’t the price take even a slight reduction?

    I spose that would eliminate the need for a high street store, but still, seeing that massive amount on an estore is mighty unsettling after seeing comfortable prices on other online game shops such as Steam.

  2. Good point. I suppose they have to maintain good relationships with high street retailers, so have to keep the prices similar. Might you, you do get some bargains on there sometimes as indies can set their own prices.

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