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Nintendo’s Miitomo is being put down

Farewell, Miitomo. Nintendo to close its first mobile application after two years.




Farewell, Miitomo. Nintendo to close its first mobile application after two years.

Nintendo has confirmed that the Miitomo mobile app will shutdown on May 9, 2018, a little over two years after launch.

Part game, part social network, Miitomo was an instant success when it was released on the App Store in March 2016. It quickly reached over 10 million users, but its decline was just as swift, with many players frustrated by its limitations and an approach to social interaction that was, erm, typically Nintendo.


It nonetheless retained a dedicated community of users, and those who stayed with the game saw a wealth of new features added over time including sidekick characters, advanced room customisation, and private messages.

Game developer, and occasional Thumbsticks scribe, Shaun Roopra explained why he loved the app in 2016, saying:

“I see it as a great opportunity to be inspired. It allows you to keep your mind flowing, to use the questions as prompts to simply write, and so it’s a great tool to foster creativity.”

Until the app closes it will continue to offer daily login bonuses of coins and game tickets, and users can continue to play Miitomo Drop and use the Miitomo shop. The sale of additional coins through in-app purchases ended yesterday.

A series of thank you events will be running until Miitomo closes, including a final Miifoto event, and specially themed Answers Central questions.

This is the second closure of a Mii-related service by Nintendo in recent months. The Miiverse network used by the Wii U and 3DS was shuttered in late 2017. And with the use of Miis on the Switch restricted to profile icons, it looks like the end is in sight for Nintendo’s charming line of player avatars.

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