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Surprise! Nintendo releases a free game for the Switch

Nintendo as released a new game created by a small group of developers working from home.



Nintendo - Jump Rope Challenge
NIntendo / Thumbsticks

Nintendo stealth releases a new Switch game created by a small group of developers working from home.

Jump Rope Challenge, a new game developed by Nintendo, is available now to download for free from the Switch eShop.

The game was developed by Nintendo staff working from home in Japan who wanted to design a simple activity to add some movement into their daily life. It’s simple and sweet. It’s skipping.

Jump Rope Challenge uses two Joy-Con controllers as skipping rope handles and lets players, well, skip. It’s not Ring Fit Adventure, but it is surprisingly fun.

In solo mode, you have to skip to achieve your highest score. In two-player mode, each participant holds one Joy-Con and skips in tandem. You can track your progress and set daily targets.

For those worried about making noise, or with limited mobility, the game can also be played by bending your knees and moving your arms.

It’s a charming little game with cute, hand-drawn visuals and some simple character customisation options. It also makes good use of the Joy-Con’s HD rumble capabilities.

Jump Rope Challenge available for free on Nintendo eShop as a limited-time release until the end of September 2020.

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