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Why does Mario have nipples, but no belly button? And is Toad’s head a hat or a head? Super Mario Odyssey producer Yoshiaki Koizumi reveals all, sort of.

In a new YouTube video from Nintendo, Super Mario Odyssey director, Yoshiaki Koizumi, answers some of the burning questions that keep us Nintendo fans up at night.

Tackling the conundrum of why Mario has nipples, but no belly button, Koizumi-san says:

“Once I heard that people were talking so much about Mario’s belly button, it made me start to think about whether we should revisit the topic on the design side.”

We’ll have to wait and see if this means his belly button will make an appearance in a future Mario game.

And on the much-debated topic of whether Toad’s head is a head or a hat, he says:

“So that, as it turns out, is actually Toad’s head. I’m going to have to leave it to all of you to figure out exactly how that works out. Maybe there’s something inside..”

So there we have it. Toad’s head is a head, confirmed.

You can watch the full Super Mario Odyssey Dev. Talk Q&A below:

These are heady times for Nintendo fans. It wasn’t so long ago that the fate of the company itself gave us cause for concern. Now, with the Switch a huge success, we can return to nurturing our worry lines by fretting over Zelda chronology, and the anatomy of our favourite characters.

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