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People Can Fly, the studio behind cult-classics such as Bulletstorm, has announced a demo for its upcoming project, Outriders.

Outriders is a drop-in drop-out shooter taking place in an original sci-fi universe, and players will be able to explore it today (February 25, 2021), when this huge demo drops.

Clearly aiming to impress, the Outriders demo will feature the opening chapter of the game, promising over three hours of content from a single playthrough. To those that are too excited to wait until the game’s full release on April 1, 2021, or those simply curious to try it out, the world of Enoch will be explorable with up to three friends this weekend.

The demo, much like the full game, will feature crossplay, allowing for teams to build across Xbox, PlayStation and PC platforms. Any progress made within the demo will also transfer to the base game if eventually picked up in April – and will even feature a free upgrade to those playing the demo on last-gen consoles.

Outriders features four classes, ranging from the quick-witted Trickster to the tank-like Pyromancer. Featuring some “satisfying shooting” and a host of powers ranging from fire-waves and time-warping abilities, Outriders looks to be a tactile and skill-based experience. Replaying the demo will allow players to experiment with the different classes and promises to give them plenty of content to gain a feel for what will follow in the full game.

The Outriders demo will be available to download tomorrow across PlayStation, Xbox and PC.

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