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Celebrate the iconic pill popper’s 40th anniversary by making mazes in Pac-Man Live Studio.

Remember that time Nintendo unveiled Pac-Man Vs at E3 and was ridiculed, only for the game, over time, to become a minor classic? Well, Amazon Games is here with its latest effort, a new version of Pac-Man.

Pac-Man Live Studio lets players create and publish their own a-maze-ing creations and play them online with friends, all within Twitch.

The game Maze Creator lets you design the layout of a level, with options to add power pellets, add fruit, change colours, and set maximum scores. Once published, levels can be rated by the playing community and make it onto the Most Popular and Select Mazes rankings.

Pac-Man Live Studio Screenshot

The game features two gameplay modes. Classic mode is the Pac-Man you know and love, but more interesting is the new co-op Endless mode. A team of players begin each level with just one life each. As long as one player from the team survives to the end, everyone gets to the next level. Both modes will have global leader boards.

It’s not quite Super Mario Maker, of course, but it does simple to use and is a fun way to mark the game’s 40th birthday. It’s the next Pac-Man Vs, hopefully.

At the time of writing, the game is listed as ‘coming soon’.

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