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How to get a perfect score in the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Bonus Game

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Want to get a perfect score in the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Classic Mode Bonus Game? Here’s how.

Classic Mode is one of the most enjoyable parts of the hit Nintendo Switch game, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. In this mode, each fighter has to face off against a series of different – but loosely themed – opponents. In Little Mac’s example, called Friendly Sparring, each of his opponents favours fisticuffs rather than weapons.

Each Classic Mode run-through concludes with a battle against one of Ultimate‘s roster of boss characters, but before that, there’s a brief bonus game to negotiate. It’s the only stage that each character’s Classic Mode run has in common.

The bonus game is a simple platforming level in which you need to run and jump from left to right, and escape the pursuit of an all-consuming purple vortex. Along the way you can smash blocks and pick up orbs to achieve a high score. Finishing the level is easy; finishing it with a high score is not so simple.

Here’s our step-by-step guide to getting a perfect Classic Mode Bonus Game score. We’d recommend using a fast, powerful fighter like Samus, Fox, or Captain Falcon.

How to get a perfect score in the Classic Mode Bonus Game

  1. The first batch of orbs are easy enough to collect. Grab those sitting on the three small platforms before destroying the blue boxes
  2. Jump down to the next pillar and break the yellow cube, then leap up, and over the electrified block, taking care not to touch it as you drop down. When you land, run back to pick up the final stray orb.
  3. There are descending blocks in the next section. Jump up and smash them to grab the orbs hidden behind them. There’s also time to grab the orbs from the two central platforms.
  4. In the next section, jump up and smash the first pink block to set off a chain reaction. You can grab most of the orbs easily enough, but a few might remain hidden behind the blue block. Smash, grab, and move on as quickly as you can.
  5. Next, smash the lone pink block hanging down from the platform to start another chain reaction. As the blocks explode on the top level, move as quickly as you can beneath them. Collect all the orbs as you go.
  6. Another block will fall down to block your path. If you are quick, you might squeeze through the gap before it descends. If not, whack it to open the path. If you do slip through, make sure to turn back and smash it to earn as many points as possible.
  7. Smash the big yellow blocks, sweep up the orbs, and then hit one of the pink blocks to clear the way down to the lower level. As you continue, jump up to collect six more easily accessible small orbs.
  8. Now, here’s the tricky bit. In order to get back to the top level you need to jump onto the small platform, and wait for the vortex to creep up behind you. (See the image below) As it gets closer, the vortex will suck in the indestructible platform above you, opening up the path. At the last moment, jump up, and run as quickly as you can to grab the 14 orbs.
  9. Break one of the pink boxes to open up the way forward, then jump down, and fling yourself into the cannon to make good your escape.
  10. Complete! You can revel in the 157,560 score.

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