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Prison Architect is free to play, but it’s not a life sentence for this freebie, unfortunately.

Prison Architect has been out of early access for five years now and available since 2012 before that. To celebrate, Paradox is making the game free to download and play until October 11, and heavily cutting the price by 80% until October 12 in case you want to stay on board. 

Prison Architect was bought from developer Introversion Software in 2018 by Paradox Interactive. If you’re feeling nostalgic, in celebration of the anniversary two new editions of the games are now available through Steam’s beta tabs:

  • Prison Architect Anniversary 2015 Version, which is the original release edition, and
  • Prison Architect Anniversary 2018 Version, which is the latest edition that was released by Introversion before the game was sold.

Introversion has even enabled multiplayer servers on the 2018 version. This should please anyone unhappy with changes made under Paradox’s ownership – and there are a few.

There will also be a special stream on the Paradox Interactive channel on October 27 wherein you can have your prison judged. No prize is mentioned, so perhaps it’s merely pride on the table. Priceless.

As for Introversion, they’ve been up to other things. My favourite games they’ve ever developed are still the astonishing Darwinia and Multiwinia. I celebrate their anniversaries alone with a punchbowl in my room.

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