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Play The Division for free on Xbox One this weekend

Xbox Live Gold members can play Ubisoft’s The Division for free this weekend.



The Division - Skirmish

Xbox Live Gold members can play Ubisoft’s The Division for free this weekend.

Tom Clancy’s The Division receives its big 1.8 Resistance update today. The sizeable release expands the game map with the new West Side Pier area, and adds two new game modes: the Resistance PvE mode, and the Skirmish PvP mode.

Other additions include a new social hub, improvements to the Underground DLC, tweaks to the rogue mechanics, and some gear system optimisations.


To mark the occasion, Ubisoft are making the game free to play for Xbox Live Gold members from this Wednesday through to Sunday December 10, 2017. The full game is included, along with all three of its Season Pass expansions: Underground, Survival and Last Stand.

The Division - Resistance

As you would expect, any progress made will carry over to the full game if purchased. The Division will also be discounted by up to 70% , from December 6 through to December 12, 2017.

The promotion is yet another example of how Ubisoft are keeping their online-focussed games topped up with new players. Previous promotions have included free play events for Rainbow Six SiegeFor Honor, and Ghost Recon Wildlands.

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