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Ubisoft has announced that Watch Dogs: Legion will be free to play on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Windows PC for five days.

From March 25, Watch Dogs: Legion is part of a multi-platform free-trial that runs through to March 29. The game’s single-player and online modes will be available, giving players a dystopian London to explore and a colourful cast of hackers, grandmas, cockneys, and other cliched characters to recruit.

If you think that five days will be enough to complete the game, think again. The single-player campaign can only be played up to the Skye Larsen mission.

Game progression, achievements, and trophies will carry over to purchased copies of the game, however. And to tempt you into that purchase, Watch Dogs: Legion is discounted by 50% on all platforms.

Watch Dogs: Legion discounts

Xbox Store

  • 50% off – Standard and Ultimate editions (March 23 – April 15)

PlayStation Store

  • 50% off – Standard and Ultimate editions (March 24 – March 31)

Ubisoft Store

  • 50% off – Standard, Gold & Ultimate editions (March 18 – April 9)

Epic Games Store

  • 50% off – Standard, Gold & Ultimate editions (March 25 – April 8)


  • 50% off – Standard, Gold & Ultimate editions (March 25 – March 29)

Ubisoft has also fleshed out the game’s post-launch content roadmap. The free Leader of the Pack online mode drops today and will be followed by two new PvP modes – Extraction and Invasion – in May, along with the Project Omni Tactical Op.

Watch Dogs: Legion roadmap

Season pass owners can look forward to a new hero and mission in late April. Fan favourite character Aiden Pearce (we assume someone likes him) will arrive in the Watch Dogs: Legion – Bloodline expansion, due in late June.

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