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Amazon says £599 PlayStation 5 price was an error

The PlayStation 5 wont cost £599 after all. Probably. Hopefully.



PlayStation 5 cost
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The PlayStation 5 won’t cost £599.99 after all. Probably. Hopefully.

Amazon has clarified that a £599.99 price tag briefly included on a product listing for the PlayStation 5 was published in error.

In a statement to IGN, an Amazon UK spokesperson says the erroneous listing was “priced as a dummy product with a dummy price.”


The listing – along with those for nearly 120 games – was spotted by Twitter sleuth Wario64. The listing also included 500GB, 1TB and 2TB console models, which runs contrary to Sony’s previous statements that the PS5 will include an 825GB hard drive.

We’re tempted to toe the line on this one. Sony’s historic pricing strategy for PlayStation consoles, when adjusted for inflation, rarely exceeds the $500 USD mark. The original PlayStation cost $299 in 1995, around $500 today. The PS2, also priced at $299 in 2000, would be around $445, and the PS4’s 2013 price of $399 translates to around $435. The outlier is the PS3. Its hefty launch price tag of $499 in 2006 equals around $630 in today’s money.

If the PS5 was priced at £599 in the UK, it would equate to nearly $750. Although reports suggest that Sony is struggling with the manufacturing cost of the PS5, we’d be very surprised if the company brought a product to market at such an eye-watering price.

While we continue to speculate, we can look forward to tonight’s PlayStation 5 game reveal.

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