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Pokémon Go now connects to Pokémon Home

Pokémon Go now officially connects to Pokémon Home.



Pokémon Go is now connects to Pokémon Home
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Pokémon Go now officially connects to Pokémon Home. And there’s a Mythical Melmetal as a reward for players that make their first transfer.

Nine months after the release of the Pokémon Home app for smart devices and Nintendo Switch, it can finally be connected to Pokémon Go.

The feature is currently rolling out globally but don’t worry if you can’t see it. The rollout is based on current Trainer level, and you’ll receive an in-app message when your time comes.


Once updated, users can use a new feature in Pokémon Go called the GO Transporter. However, there are some restrictions on using it. The transporter uses energy that recharges over time, although it can also be topped-up using PokéCoins. Additionally, the energy required to send each Pokémon varies, so think carefully before dispatching that Magicarp.

To mark the launch of the new functionality, players that use the GO Transporter will receive a Mythical Pokémon Melmetal. If you transfer the Melmetal to Pokémon Sword or Pokémon Shield on Nintendo Switch, it can also be Gigantamaxed in battles that allow it.

The Melmetal can be redeemed from the Mystery Gift menu of Pokémon Home‘s mobile version. Once accepted and boxed, it will appear in Pokémon Home on Switch.

And there’s more. Once your first transfer is complete, Go players can open a Mystery Box that will spawn Meltan on the map for a limited time. It can also be evolved into Melmetal by gathering 400 Meltan Candy.

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