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Would Splatoon 2 be better if it starred a cyberpunk ninja? If you answered ‘yes,’ Project Atlas looks like the game for you.

In its Gamescom trailer released yesterday, the sophomore effort from Baby Robot Games looks mighty cool. It’s is a third-person stealth game, where players take on the role of a cel-shaded ninja. For example, the game lets players sink into the ground and move past enemies as a flitty little pool of shadow. In addition, its blue-haired protagonist stealthily takes down hulking white robots with an energy switchblade.

Project Atlas development screenshots

The game – which is playable in single-player, or with a fried in co-op – looks to be a refinement of the ideas Baby Robot introduced in their first project, Atlas’ Fate: Between Light & Darkness. The Barcelona-based studio created that game as a student project, so you can grab it for free on itch.io.

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