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With just a month or so until we see it in the wild, here are some fresh images of the PUBG desert map.

We’re all still waiting on the climbing/vaulting update to go live on the PUBG test servers. We’re checking in on Steam, several times a day, to see if the client has updated.

Every now and again it has, but it’s typically only a small update – a few dozen to a few hundred MB in total – whereas we’re expecting the vaulting update to run into gigabytes.

So in the meantime, to try and appease the clamouring royale battlers, Brendan ‘PlayerUnknown’ Greene has tweeted four images of the upcoming PUBG desert map.

First up, there’s a busy town centre, complete with tall apartment buildings, warehouses, and what are bound to be dozens of disappointing, burnt out prop cars:

PUBG desert map image 01

Then there’s another urban scene; this one looks more like a strip mall that only got part-way through construction before the area went all Hunger Games-ey:

PUBG desert map image 02

Third could be a prison or a military compound, but our money is on prison – those towers look like guard posts watching a yard, and the razor wire on the fence points inwards:

PUBG desert map image 03

And if those first three PUBG desert map images are looking a bit busy for you? The more survival-minded (read: cowardly) jumpers will be landing at places like this little farmstead:

PUBG desert map image 04

And damn fine it looks too. We were a little worried that the PUBG desert map would be all wide open spaces with no vegetation and cover, but there’s plenty going on – and crucially, lots to hide behind – in these latest images.

Plus that desert camo level two helmet will finally stop sticking out like a sore thumb against the lush green of Erangel, which is nice.

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