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Dandy Dungeon Legend of Brave Yamada, the oddball RPG from Onion Games, is now available on Steam.

First released on mobile back in 2017, Dandy Dungeon is equal parts comedy, RPG, Roguelike and puzzle game. Despite this mashup of genres, the game is a small delight that is compelling to play and genuinely funny.

The game follows 36-year-old games programmer Yamada-kun, who escapes his dead-end life by developing his own RPG, Brave Yamada! Players test each level as the game as it is developed and begins to reflect Yamada-kun’s real-world woes. It’s meta and borderline bonkers, but ultimately it’s a sweet tale of dungeon exploration and middle age.

The Steam version includes all of the tweaks and balances that were added to the Nintendo Switch edition in June, along with a Steam-specific online leaderboard.

Onion Games are also finishing up work on Dandy Dungeon 2: Phantom Bride, a free expansion that will double the size of the game with new levels features. In the meantime, wallow in the delight of the game’s new trailer.

Along with the Steam release, Dandy Dungeon also gets a permanent price drop on all other platforms – including Nintendo Switch – to $18.99 / €15.99 / £14.49.

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