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The Gearbox Software CEO knows what the fans really want to hear about (and it’s probably not Bulletstorm).

Video games are full of the worst-kept secrets you could possibly imagine. Recently we’ve seen leaks for Destiny 2, Prey and Call of Duty: WW2, to name just a few. This is a very leaky boat we’re all sailing on, but developers and publishers need to tread a fine line between keeping their secrets and also keeping people interested. It’s understandably tricky.

But when you’re the boss of the company, you can basically do what you want, right? Enter Randy Pitchford, CEO of Gearbox Software, and the most immediate (and regret-filled) of the social networks, Twitter.

On Friday April 7, 2017, Randy posted a photo to Twitter. It’s a selfie, from a motion capture studio, and Pitchford is wearing one of those flattering mo-cap suits. But it’s not the picture that’s interesting; it’s the words that go with it:

No, not the bit about Bulletstorm. It’s the other bit:

“I may or may not be a psycho bandit in a video game we may or may not be working on.”

Now, between that not-so-subtle tweet and Pitchford’s GDC 2017 talk about the science behind the custom cel-shaders they’re working on for a ‘new game’, we all know exactly what he’s referring to: Borderlands 3.

It can only be Borderlands 3. There’s nothing else it could be. So if Randy – the boss of the company – clearly wants to tell the world about it, and nobody is under any delusion that he’s talking about anything else, it begs the question: Why don’t Gearbox just go ahead and give us some details about Borderlands 3?

Presumably they have some grand marketing plan that’s going to try and wow us all, but at this point, it’s a little silly. It’s like we’re walking into a surprise party that someone already told us about, and but they’re still expecting us to act surprised out of politeness.

Header image source: Gearbox’s GDC 2017 feed, via Polygon.

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