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You know Razer, right? The gaming hardware manufacturer who make high-end things? With a glowing green motif? And a logo that looks like the flag of the Isle of Man, but made out of snakes? They’ve opened a digital storefront for purchasing games.

Imaginatively titled the Razer Game Store, it’s a digital store, owned by Razer, where you can buy games. They’re not planning on totally cutting Steam out, however; keys purchased via the store will be redeemable via Steam, or Ubisoft’s Uplay platform, depending on the publisher of the game itself.

So if they’re not planning on taking on Steam directly – and many have tried, and failed, so who can blame them – what is the incentive for people to use the new Razer Game Store? It’s their reward programme.

If you purchase games from the new store, you’ll receive zSilver. You can then redeem accumulated zSilver for things from the store, and not just keys for games; you can spend them on Razer hardware and peripherals, too.

If you purchase games with something called zGold – which is a sort of pre-paid, top-up credit system – you’ll receive more zSilver reward points than if you made the purchase with your own zCash, zPaypal, or zCredit Card.

The Razer Game Store also promises to make the following commitments to its ueers:

  • Selling only officially authorised keys – Razer works with many publishing and developer partners to make sure that all games sold on the Razer Game Store are fully licensed.
  • Providing Razer rewards for every purchase – Razer commits to rewarding gamers each time they check out with unique offers like zSilver bonuses, vouchers and hardware discounts.
  • Razer Exclusive Deals – Deals marked as Razer Exclusive feature great promotions and rewards exclusive to Razer.

The Razer Game Store is available now in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and France. These countries will feature localised storefronts and currency; if you’re located somewhere else in the world, you’ll make use of the US storefront, and will be at the whims of current exchange rates.

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