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The Last Campfire, Superliminal, and Dicey Dungeons are among the games confirmed for Nintendo Switch in the latest Indie World live-stream.

Today’s Indie World video took a whistlestop tour through 22 games, all set to arrive on Nintendo Switch this year.

Many of the games are promising, such as Blue Fire, a beautiful new action-adventure from Robi Studios. Baldo from Naps Team also looks like one to watch.

Hello Games is bringing The Last Campfire to Switch this summer. It looks fantastic, and a moving, emotional journey is promised. And Nimble Giant Entertainment gives the FPS genre a time-travelling twist in Quantum League.

Other games on the slate include Sweary’s The Good Life, PixelJunk Eden 2, and Terry Cavanagh’s Dicey Dungeons. You can watch the broadcast below, and read on for the full list of game announcements and release windows.

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Nintendo Indie World announcements (March 2020)

  • Blue Fire (Robit Studios) – Summer 2020
  • Baldo (Naps Team) – Summer 2020
  • I Am Dead (Hollow Ponds/Richard Hogg) – 2020
  • Bark (Tic Toc Games) – Late 2020
  • Freakopalypse (Cyanide and Happiness) – Summer 2020
  • Summer in Mara (Chibga) – Spring 2020
  • Quantum League (Nimble Giant Entertainment) – Late 2020
  • The Good Life (White Owls) – 2020
  • The Last Campfire (Hello Games) – Summer 2020
  • PixelJunk Eden 2 (Q-Games) – Summer 2020
  • Faeria (Abrakam) – March 2020
  • Eldest Souls (United Label) – Summer 2020
  • Blair Witch (Blooper) – Summer 2020
  • Ghost of a Tale (SeithCG) – Spring 2020
  • Sky (Thatgamecompany) – Summer 2020
  • Sky Racket (Double Dash Games) – Available now
  • Superliminal (Pillow Castle) – Summer 2020
  • Wingspan (Monster Couch) – Summer 2020
  • Dicey Dungeons (Terry Cavanagh) – 2020
  • Bounty Battle (Dark Screen Games) – 2020
  • Moving Out (SMG Studio, DEVM Games) – April 28, 2020
  • Exit the Gungeon (Dodge Roll, Singlecore) – Available now

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