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No, not that trio of Mario games. Sorry.

Nintendo has been making some odd choices as part of Mario’s 35th birthday celebrations.

There has been good stuff, like the thoroughly weird Mario Kart Home Circuit and the decent remasters of Mario 64, Sunshine and Galaxy.

But there has also been bad stuff, like the absurd time-limit of the Super Mario 3D All-Stars trilogy and Super Mario Bros. 35, the Tetris 99-alike battle royale variant of classic Super Mario Bros. (And then there’s Super Mario Bros. 35 itself, which works nowhere near as well as Tetris 99.)

The latest is likely to be more universally appreciated, though: 33% off a trio of Mario games for Nintendo Switch, via the Nintendo eShop.

But, er, it’s not that trio of Mario games. It’s not Super Mario 3D All-Stars. Sorry. The games with 33% off are actually Mario Tennis Aces, Super Mario Party, and Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe.

That might seem disappointing at first glance – though, let’s be honest, Nintendo isn’t going to discount the artificially scarce, time-limited Super Mario 3D All-Stars, is it? – but all three are actually decent games, particularly if you’re looking for something to enjoy with the family during lockdown.

The 33% discount on Mario Tennis Aces, Super Mario Party, and Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe will be available until November 1, 2020. (It also looks to only be available via the Nintendo eShop in the UK and EU; we can’t see it on the US eShop at present.)

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