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Sea of Thieves to add microtransactions three months after release

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Sea of Thieves is set to launch without any microtransactions, but they will be added to the game with its first big update – around three months after its release.

In an interview with IGN, the game’s executive producer Joe Neate said:

“Our focus at launch [is] on a great game experience. When we deliver this first major update, that’s when we’ll turn on the ability for players to spend money optionally.


We thought long and hard about what’s right for our game experience, and the key thing we think is that it has to add to the fun, social nature of the game. So anything in this area will not impact power or progression, and you’ll always know what you’re getting – so that means no loot crates.”

Neate also went on to explain that players will be able to earn paid currency through regular play – he suggested it could be acquired through finding items or rewarded for completing quests.

The first paid content for Sea of Thieves will be the ability to have pets, with Neate adding, “It’ll either be on a shoulder, like a monkey, or like a cat on the ship.”

Further to that Neate emphasised his passion for firing said pets out of canons: “I really, really want to allow us to fire cats and other animals out of cannons. It’ll land on its feet, it’s a cat, it’ll be fine!”

We look forward to firing cats out of canons when sea of Thieves launches on March 20th.

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