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6 takeaways from EA’s latest financial results

Financial earnings reports are usually a pretty tedious read. However, there are some interesting takeaways to be found in the latest results from Electronic Arts.



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Financial earnings reports are usually a pretty tedious read. However, there are some interesting takeaways to be found in the latest results from Electronic Arts.

EA has reported earnings of $1.35 billion in its second quarter fiscal 2020 earnings report. Wonderful news, we’re sure. But what does it mean for the company’s games?

In a statement issued alongside the earnings, EA CEO Andrew Wilson says:


“It was an excellent second quarter for Electronic Arts. Our new EA Sports titles are thrilling core fans and bringing in new players, and our ongoing live services are growing with deeply-engaged communities. With new games like Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Need for Speed, Plants vs. Zombies and more great content across our top franchises, we’re set to deliver a lot of fun and excitement to players this holiday season, and continue our momentum in this fiscal year.”


Here are five other takeaways from EA’s Q2 FY20 Financial Results.

EA Sports NBA Live 20 is not a thing

NBA Live has been cancelled for the fourth time in ten years and won’t return until the next console generation. Commenting in a ‘Prepared Remarks’ statement, Andrew Wilson says: “We’re expanding our vision for NBA Live, and continuing to work closely with our NBA and NBPA partners on this new project that we’ll share more details on next year.”

The Battlefield series is also taking a break

The next entry in the Battlefield series is also set to debut on next-gen console platforms. The game is planned for release in FY22, which runs between April 2021 and the end of March 2022. There’s still more content on the way for Battlefield V, however.


EA expects high sales for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Respawn’s upcoming Star Wars game is expected to sell 6-8 million copies over the next quarter, according to the report. EA also hopes that Need For Speed Heat will perform similarly to previous entries in the franchise, with sales of 3-4 million units.

Yes, Apex Legends is very popular

EA restates its commitment to Respawn’s Apex Legends, confirming that the game has reached 70 million players since launch. A mobile version is planned, as is a push towards new platforms and geographies. An Apex Legends competitive gaming program is also in the works.

Live Services are profitable

EA intends to continue its live services effort with programmes for Battlefield V, The Sims 4, Apex Legends and its EA Sports titles. Next year will also see a focus on subscription services, new platforms, and cloud gaming.

Anthem? What’s Anthem?

The results statement includes one solitary mention of Bioware’s troubled online shooter. It’s mentioned alongside The Sims 4 and Star Wars Battlefront II as one of the games getting new content over the holiday season. Fun times.

The full ‘Prepared Comments’ document is an interesting read. You can download the PDF right here.

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