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More SNES and NES classics come to Nintendo Switch next week

Four more games are coming to the Nintendo Switch Online library of SNES and NES classics.



Nintendo Switch Online - NES and SNES games

Four more games are coming to the Nintendo Switch Online library of SNES and NES classics.

Nintendo has confirmed that four new titles will be added to the Switch’s SNES and NES libraries on May 20, 2020.

First up is NES actioner, Rygar. Originally released for arcades in 1986, Tecmo’s side-scrolling platformer underwent a significant transformation for the NES, receiving action RPG elements and becoming more Metroid-like. It’s of its time, certainly, but it still has charm.


Rygar will be joined by three SNES titles. Natsume’s Wild Guns is a fondly remembered sci-fi western shooter, while Operation Logic Bomb is a top-down action game that serves as a sequel to the Game Boy’s Fortified Zone.

However, we’re most excited by the arrival of the Gunpei Yokoi-designed puzzle game, Panel de Pon. This version of the game never made it to the West, where it was instead reworked to feature Nintendo characters and released under the slightly misleading name of Tetris Attack.

More recently, players might have experienced the game in its Planet Puzzle League guise, the Nintendo DS version of which was a hit in 2007. We’re excited for the opportunity to play the original version at long last.

To access the four new games, you will need a subscription to Nintendo Switch Online. In addition to a growing library of NES and SNES titles, a sub also includes access to online multiplayer in many games and freebies like Tetris 99. Monthly memberships start at $3.99/€3.99 for a single user, with seven-day trials available to new subscribers.


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