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Tetris 99’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons crossover event is now live

ICYMI, you can earn a free Animal Crossing: New Horizons theme in the latest Tetris 99 event.



Tetris 99 Animal Crossing New Horizons
Nintendo / Thumbsticks

Earn a free Animal Crossing: New Horizons theme in the latest Tetris 99 crossover event.

Just as we begin to drift away from Tetris 99, Nintendo has a habit of launching a new crossover event – with a new eye-catching in-game theme – to tempt us back.

Last August it was Fire Emblem: Two Houses, then came Luigi’s Mansion 3 in October. Now, it’s the turn of Animal Crossing: New Horizons.


From today until May 19, Tetris 99 players can earn a free Animal Crossing: New Horizons theme by accumulating 100 event points in the game’s main battle-royale mode.

And what a theme it is. Each Tetromino is decorated with fossil, fruit, flower, and bug iconography, and the action takes place on a wallpaper featuring fan-favourite Animal Crossing characters. Everybody loves Raymond, of course, but I’m personally pleased to see Teddy make the cut. Various themes from the game’s easy-going soundtrack are also included.

Even if you’re the world’s worst player, it will only take you 100 matches to earn the free Animal Crossing theme. Points are distributed as follows:

Tetris 99 Event Placement Points

  • 1st – 100
  • 2nd – 50
  • 3rd – 30
  • 4th-10th – 20
  • 11th-30th – 15
  • 31st-50th – 10
  • 51st-90th – 5
  • 91st-99th – 1

It’s worth noting that you need a Nintendo Switch Online membership to play Tetris 99, which is then available as a free download. Plans start at around four bucks a month, with seven-day free trials available to new subscribers.

And if you’re new to Tetris 99, read our helpful guide to targeting other players

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