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E3 2018: So, what is a Ninjala exactly?

GungHo Entertainment’s Ninjala is coming to the Nintendo Switch, but what is it?



Ninjala art

GungHo Entertainment’s Ninjala is coming to the Nintendo Switch, but what is it?

During today’s E3 2018 Nintendo Direct there was the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it announcement that Ninjala is coming to the Nintendo Switch.

After a torturous – but rather courteous – line to get into the LA Convention Center’s West Hall, the first thing many attendees will stumble upon is a huge booth for Ninjala, The game is being treated as if it’s already a massive phenomenon, with an impressive demo area replete with giant bubblegum machines, and this little cutie.


But what is it? What is Ninjala? We’re here to help.

Ninjala is a PvP ninja action game that supports both online and local multiplayer for up to eight players. The game features an in-depth weapon system, based around bubblegum blowing ninjitsu, and parkour mechanics. It also has, we have to admit, a modicum of style.

Here’s the game’s first trailer.

Ninjala is designed by Takeshi Arakawa – who has previously worked on titles including Dissidia: Final Fantasy, and The World Ends With You – and Kazuki Morishita, producer of Puzzle & Dragons, and Let it Die.

In a press statement released to coincide with Ninjala’s E3 reveal, Morishita said:

“With Ninjala, we are creating a generation-defying game that implements the portable, flexible mechanics of the Nintendo Switch as well as beautifully designed, vibrant levels to appeal to gamers of all ages. Players will experience stylish fight sequences, loveable characters, and wholesome player interaction. Ninjala’s multiplayer capabilities and polished mechanics make it a blast for all players that lets them create bubble gum warfare madness.”


It looks pretty good, and is due for release on Nintendo Switch in spring 2019.

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