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When you work in video games journalism, a press release featuring just a potato, and nothing else, isn’t actually that strange.

Last week, Soedesco sent us a potato. Not a real potato, though, it was – do you know what? I did that gag already. Yep, I even included the obligatory misquoted Samwise Gamgee taters monologue. Read last week’s news story on said potato to get caught up.

And yes, it was a slow news day, before anybody gets snarky about it in the comments.

It featured an image of a potato, in a grassy field, with the date ‘January 30th’ emblazoned below it. Now we know what the potato was all about, and we were half right with out prediction: it was about Real Farm, but it wasn’t announcing its release on a new platform.

The potato was actually to announce the first two pieces of Real Farm DLC, the Potato Pack – yes, really – and the Grünes Tal map pack. According to the press release, which is largely potato-less this time, here’s what you’ll find in them:

The Potato pack introduces one of the most popular crops in the world: potatoes, together with new vehicles and attachments and is a permanent free download for everyone. The Grünes Tal map DLC brings players to a Western European inspired valley and is free of charge on launch.

There’s also a trailer, which includes the caption “New crop: potatoes!” which is pretty self-explanatory:

I mean, we’d be disappointed if Real Farm DLC, named the Potato Pack, didn’t actually contain any potatoes, wouldn’t we? And Grünes Tal, in case you were wondering, translates from Green Valley in German.

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