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It looks as if Sony may be looking at an offline download option for its games streaming service PlayStation Now.

A user on Reddit has spotted the option lurking in the menu while using PS Now. After hovering over a title, the option was given to, “Return to Game Detail and start downloading the game.”

There hasn’t been anything officially announced yet, but this is a move that makes sense. Given that Microsoft’s Xbox Games Pass allows players to do just that – and thus, not have to rely on an internet connection to stream the games.

PlayStation Now is a Netflix style monthly subscription service that allows users to stream games from a collection hosted on the store. These include PS4, PS2, and PS3 games, but presumably the option to download would only apply to PS4 games, given the PS4 is unable to emulate PS3 titles.

In a manner similar to PlayStation Plus free titles, the downloaded games would presumably require an active subscription to play. And they would be locked without one.

We will have to wait for an official announcement from Sony to get the particulars of this one.

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