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Video game publisher Square Enix has confirmed the global closure of popular RPG, Mobius Final Fantasy.

It’s time to say goodbye to mobile RPG, Mobius Final Fantasy. Following its end of service last month in Japan, Square Enix has confirmed details of the game’s global closure.

The game will run until the Warrior of Despair story concludes on June 30, 2020. The game’s Magicite currency will remain on sale until March 31 and can be used until closure.

In a post on the game’s website, the operations team expresses thanks to its players, saying:

“We would like to express our deepest gratitude to all our players who have supported us since service began back on August 3, 2016. It is with heavy heart that we must now bring you this sad news. Thank you for fighting alongside the Warriors of Light and for being a part of the world of Mobius Final Fantasy. May you continue to bring the light of hope to those around you.”

Mobius Final Fantasy was an attempt by Square Enix to develop a console-style RPG for mobile platforms, and by most accounts, it was largely successful. Only last year Square Enix announced that the game had reached 20 million downloads.

Mobius Final Fantasy – End of Service schedule

  • March 31 – End of Magicite sales
  • June 30 – End of service

It’s been an interesting week for fans of the series. The publishing giant also announced that the FFVII remake release date has been pushed back to April.

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