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Vostok Games – formerly GSC, the developer of the STALKER games – is developing a battle royale game.

It’s called Fear the Wolves and it sounds suitably grim and scary. Just like STALKER before it, Fear the Wolves takes place in Chernobyl, the irradiated ghost town, and pits 100 players against one another in a fight to survive.

There are some interesting twists: players have the option to play solo or as part of teams, and humans are not the only enemy roaming about.

The survival elements will be bolstered by the need to protect yourself against things like radiation and whatever foulness lurks in the shadows.

Of the slew of PUBG imitators, the idea of taking survival elements to such a hostile terrain, to a place which is inherently so interesting, makes for a cool pitch.

Vostok Games was formed after STALKER 2 fell through in 2012, and the developer is also working on its spiritual successor, Survarium – a free-to-play online multiplayer game.

Fear the Wolves is scheduled for release on PC and consoles sometime this year, with a PC early access period beforehand.

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