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Experimental horror anthology Stories Untold comes to Nintendo Switch very soon

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Narrative text adventure Stories Untold releases on Nintendo Switch in a few short days.

Lots of games are, for one reason or another, very similar. Visual style, structure, control, objective – video games often follow trends and themes, even if they don’t realise it.

Stories Untold, from Observation developer No Code and publisher Devolver Digital, is something quite different.

We won’t give too much away, because it’s a game that’s best experienced blind, but at its heart, it’s a narrative text adventure. A creepy, weird, surreal text adventure. That’s not quite like your average text adventure. There are elements of sitting games like Please Don’t Touch Anything and Papers, Please, combined with a brilliant diegetic interface and… some things we’ll leave you to discover on your own.

And now a whole new raft of players will discover Stories Untold, as Devolver has today announced the game’s imminent release on Nintendo Switch.

Stories Untold releases for Nintendo Switch on January 16, 2020. It’s only a short game, one that you can blast through in one sitting, so expect lots of people to be discussing it on January 17. It’s one of gaming’s “water cooler” moments, something that we don’t get enough of, so it’s great that a wider group of players will get to experience it.

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