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Telltale Games, the developer behind The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among US, is ditching its old engine.

According to a report in Variety, the company is moving on from its engine, Telltale Tool, which it has been using for years. The developer will be moving on to the popular Unity engine.

Telltale has slathered some graphical gloss on the engine as time has gone by. Its recent Batman series looks the sharpest yet, but the engine still lets out the odd groan.

The first games that will run the new Unity engine will be The Wolf Among Us: Season Two, and the as yet untitled Stranger Things game.

Unnamed sources close to Variety have revealed that, while the move to a new engine has long been overdue, it will be a tough transition.

In January of this year, Telltale put up job postings for Unity-experienced engineers. At the time, speculation was that the move would be made to Unity because one of Telltale’s board members, John Riccitiello, is Unity’s boss.

Telltale has delayed The Wolf Among Us: Season Two until 2019.

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