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Tropico 6 – part city-builder, part satire – is releasing on PS4 and Xbox One soon.

Tropico 6, the latest banana republic ’em up from Kalypso, released for PC earlier this year. In our review, Callum said: “Tropico 6 is a visually impressive, unbelievably charming and ruthlessly enjoyable role-playing city-sim.”

But if you don’t have a PC, or your PC doesn’t meet the minimum requirements – Tropico 6 surprisingly needs a discrete GPU with at least 2GB of VRAM, like a GTX 750 – then you might be waiting for the game to come to console.

And you’re in luck: Tropico 6 comes to consoles a little later this year.

Specifically, that’s September 27, 2019. Tropico 6 is currently available in the Xbox Game Preview programme, but the full release comes to both PS4 and Xbox One on that date. (And the footage above is captured on the OG Xbox One, not the Xbox One X.)

There’s still plenty of time to stock up on sunscreen, grow a beard, learn to love cigars, and press your dictator’s presidential military jacket.

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