Xbox One Controller – Ocean Shadow and Winter Forces
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Two new special edition Xbox One controllers released this week

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Microsoft are releasing two brand new colour variations of the Xbox One Wireless Controller this week.

The Ocean Shadow edition features a matte black top that gradually fades into a blue metallic finish on the side. The controller’s triggers, D-pad and buttons are also black, and the XYAB and menu buttons have blue highlights.

The second new controller is the Winter Forces edition. This variant features a camouflage-style pattern with light and dark grey accents on the top and a standard, black coloured bottom.

Both the Ocean Shadow and Winter Forces controllers will be available worldwide at selected retailers from February 7. Curiously, they will be priced at $69.99 in the US, which is five dollars more than the recently released – and far more detailed – Red and Green/Orange edition controllers.

The new controllers are the revised – and now standard version – of the Xbox Wireless Controller introduced with the Xbox One S last year. Improvements include a textured grip, built-in Bluetooth and a increased wireless range. The controllers are compatible with all Xbox One consoles, Windows 10 PCs and tablets, and Samsung Gear VR.

And if none of these are appealing, don’t forget you can create your own custom controller at the Xbox Design Lab.

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