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Ubisoft announces Tom Clancy’s xDefiant

Have you got the time for yet another live-service shooter? Nah, neither do we. Oh, here’s Ubisoft with Tom Clancy’s xDefiant.



Tom Clancy's xDefiant

Have you got the time for yet another live-service shooter? Nah, neither do we. Oh, here’s Ubisoft with Tom Clancy’s xDefiant.

As masses of fans plead for a new Splinter Cell, Ubisoft silenced them all today by announcing an arena shooter titled XDefiant. No, it isn’t Splinter Cell, and sadly it marks the emphasis on live-service titles – as noted by the company just a couple of months ago. 

XDefiant will be a free-to-play first-person shooter, much like Overwatch and Valorant. Players will take on the roles of various factions to gain a collection of abilities. Taking on a military shooter style meshed with a punk-rock aesthetic, XDefiant clearly wants to stand out, but with a similar structure to the games mentioned, as well as most other live-service games, XDefiant will have its work cut out.


Players will face off in 6v6 matches and objective-based modes like Domination and Team Death Match. At launch, XDefiant will feature four factions from Tom Clancy properties, such as the Wolves from Ghost Recon and the Cleaners from The Division. Ubisoft intends to build upon its roster of factions and customisable characters, much like they have with the operators from Rainbow Six Siege.

XDefiant will support cross-play at launch across PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Ubisoft Connect, Luna, and Stadia, but there’s no word as of yet when it will release. PC players in North America, however, can expect playtests to roll out from August 5, 2021.

Here’s the reveal trailer.


Are you excited for yet another live-service shooter?

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