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Untitled Goose Game is getting a physical edition, vinyl soundtrack

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Almost a year after terrorising the village, Untitled Goose Game is back with some physical editions and an eco-friendly vinyl soundtrack.

We rather liked Untitled Goose Game. That’s not an especially unique opinion, of course. Almost everyone liked Untitled Goose Game.

But whereas most people’s reading of it was that the goose was horrible and was terrorising the village because it was a jerk, we prefer to think of it that the goose was terrorising the village because, as villages in England so often are, the village is full of gammon-faced Tories and Brexit voters. They deserve it. (And the goose is a socialist. It’s canon.)

Now, almost a year on, the world faces a different threat. Well, it’s the same threat – idiot conservatives and right-wingers – but right now the idiots are refusing to wear masks when they go in Tesco.  So, in our time of need, the goose is back. Like Batman – except, you know, not a violent, privately-funded cop – the goose is the hero we need, but not necessarily the hero we deserve.

Specifically, the goose is back with physical editions of Untitled Goose Game on PS4 and Nintendo Switch. We’re not sure exactly how that helps with the global pandemic, but it does, alright? Let us have this one.

The Untitled Goose Game physical release is being handled by Skybound Games, the games publishing arm of The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman’s production company. In addition to the boxed version of the game – which is always a lovely thing for an indie release in this day and age – you’ll also receive some extra bits and bobs in the box:

  • A Spring/Summer edition of the Plaza Catalog: a 24-page retail catalogue featuring useful items and objects that a goose might enjoy collecting
  • An 11″ x 17″ Village Map Poster, hand-illustrated by Melbourne-based artist and game developer, Marigold Bartlett
  • An extra sticky official “No Goose” Sticker

But there’s more. If that’s not unique enough for you, iam8bit is producing a limited “Lovely Edition” of Untitled Goose Game for PS4 and Nintendo Switch which, in addition to a unique reversible cover, will be made of primarily recyclable materials, including biodegradable shrinkwrap.

untitled goose game vinyl soundtrack

The boutique merchandise company will also produce a limited edition Untitled Goose Game vinyl soundtrack, featuring Dan Golding’s charming adaptation of Debussy’s Preludes. That, too, will be as environmentally friendly as possible, including a sleeve made from recycled card and the record itself made from recycled vinyl. It’s very green. In that it’s eco friendly, but also, the vinyl might be green. It might be other colours. Why? It’s random based on the LPs your edition was recycled from, which makes each one pretty unique.

Socialist, eco-warrior, and puts a smile on your face. See? The hero we need, but not necessarily the hero we deserve.

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