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Music rhythm game, Voez, will get a physical release on Nintendo Switch later this year courtesy of PM Studios and acttil.

Voez – which is developed by Rayark Games – was first released in 2016 as a free-to-play game for smartphones with in-game purchases. It arrived on the Nintendo Switch shortly after the console’s launch at full price, but with all 160 songs unlocked from the start. It also made headlines for being the first Nintendo Switch game not to be playable in docked mode, although this feature was recently – and expertly, it must be said – patched in.

The retail edition of Voez completes a remarkable journey for the game. It’s slightly amusing to think that a mobile game – a format long-considered to hail the downfall of Nintendo – is now going to be released on an inky-dinky game card.

Ultimately, the reason for the Voez‘s success is its evident quality. The game’s finely tuned combination of rhythm-based gameplay, story, and music has seen it find an appreciative audience. It could well be to the Switch what Elite Beat Agents was to the DS.

However, there’s no need to take our word for it, the game has a free demo on the Nintendo eShop that you can try right now.

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