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The Sims Mobile is out now on iOS and Android

Electronic Arts brings The Sims to mobile in the aptly named, The Sims Mobile.



The Sims Mobile

Electronic Arts brings The Sims to mobile in the appropriately named, The Sims Mobile.

After an eternity in testing, the latest game in EA’s long-running life simulation franchise has launched today on the Apple App Store and Google Play, on the promise of delivering an authentic Sims experience.

According to the publisher’s effusive press release, the game will bring players “oodles of opportunities for freedom of expression as they guide the stories of their Sims’ lives through career choice, hobbies, relationships, and more.”


The game features the usual range of activities, such as building homes, and customising the appearance of your residents. Players can also venture online and attend parties at other Sims’ homes. New features include stickers that let you mark other players as Cute, Hot, or Fabulous (Puke), and the ability to start families.

Creative director, Brandon Gill, says:

“In The Sims Mobile, we’ve dramatically increased the fidelity and quality of Sims and the various environments they play in. Creating unique, completely customised Sims, building a dream home, and exploring exciting careers have always been tentpoles of The Sims franchise. With The Sims Mobile, we’re able to bring players those time-loved features with new, highly detailed customization options in Create-A-Sim and Build Mode. Players will find that new guided narratives and immersive social features give The Sims Mobile a unique blend of delightful gameplay experiences and social platform-inspired connections.”

The Sims Mobile is now available to download free on the App Store and Google Play, although expect to part with plenty of real life simoleans if you want to get the most out of the game.

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