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Grab the Xbox One X with a massive discount (for a limited time)

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Microsoft celebrates the opening of its flagship London store by discounting a bunch of hardware, including the Xbox One X.

Microsoft officially broke cover on the next-generation Xbox, Project Scarlett, during its conference at this year’s E3. Since then we’ve been trying to piece together details on the console from the information at hand.

The key thing you need to know at this moment in time is that we won’t be seeing the next Xbox until holiday 2020. That means there’s still a little life in the old dogs yet, and prices on current-generation Xbox One hardware are only going down from this point on. See also: the Xbox One S all-digital edition.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has opened its first flagship store on Oxford Circus. (It’s a bit like an Apple store, but without the cultish following.)

To celebrate the openings of this bricks and mortar shop, Microsoft is offering some big savings on hardware. That mostly means big savings on Surface hardware, including £300 off the Surface Book 2, up to £300 off the Surface Laptop 2, up to £120 off Windows Mixed-Reality Headsets, and up to £1700 off the first-generation Surface Studio.

But the deal that’s of interest to us – and of course you lot, the discount-hungry readers – is the Xbox One X discount.

You can grab the Xbox One X Forza Horizon 4 bundle – available in either classic black or “Robot White” finish – for £349.99. That’s £100 cheaper than the regular price of the Xbox One X. (And massively cheaper than trying to build a small form factor PC capable of 4K output.)

Other Xbox One X bundles, like the ones including The Division 2 or Fallout 76, are not included in the offer. That’s probably got something to do with the fact Forza Horizon 4 is an Xbox Game Studios-published game, but even the base Xbox One X console, with no games included, still costs £449.99.

We also don’t know how long these hardware offers will last, so if you were thinking of picking up an Xbox One X? You should probably get on that.

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