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Capcom has confirmed that a day one patch is required to use DLC and play Monster Hunter Rise online.

It’s not unusual for games with a significant online component to require a day one update, but it’s always useful to know ahead of launch.

Monster Hunter Rise Patch: Ver.1.1.1 is required to play the online modes of Capcom’s new action-adventure RPG and use various DLC items. The update download is 600MB in size, bringing the total amount of storage required for a digital version of the game to around 8.0GB.

In a post announcing the patch, Capcom states that:

“If you do not have access to the Internet, you can play local multiplayer, as long as every player uses the same version of the software.”

Monster Hunter Rise looks like being another sizeable hit for the franchise and the Nintendo Switch. Reviews have been mostly glowing, and physical editions of the game already appear in short supply at some retailers.

If you want to sample the game before spending any Zenny, we recommend the excellent free demo, which is still available to download from the Nintendo eShop.

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