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Celebrate 505 Games’ 15th anniversary with a massive publisher sale

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Some massive games – including Control, Death Stranding, Ghostrunner, and Terraria – feature in the 505 Games 15th-anniversary publisher sale.

Video game publisher 15th anniversaries are like buses: you wait ages for one (15 years, we suppose?) then two come along at once. We’re not even finished celebrating Kalypso Media’s 15th birthday, and here’s 505 Games hitting the same milestone.

(When you think about it, the video game industry is relatively young. Aside from your Nintendos and Segas, there will be lots of companies celebrating lower-order jubilees around the same time. The 15th anniversary of something, or its quindecennial, if you prefer, is known as its crystal jubilee, and there’ll be a lot of them coming up.)

505 Games may have been around for a long time, and it has been prolific, but it’s in recent years that it has published its biggest hits, including indie darling Terraria, Remedy’s brilliant Control, and the PC port of Hideo Kojima’s baffling-but-beloved Death Stranding.

You’ll find these games – and more – available in the 505 Games 15th-anniversary publisher sale. And in a nice touch, it’s not just Steam where you’ll find the discounts, for once. PlayStation and Xbox, the Epic Games Store, and even the Nintendo eShop (!) are all graced with big savings.

505 Games 15th-anniversary publisher sale – highlights

PlayStation & Xbox stores

  • Control: Ultimate Edition – 60% off
  • Journey to the Savage Planet – 60% off
  • Assetto Corsa Ultimate Edition – 80% off
  • Ghostrunner – 50% off

Epic Games Store

  • Death Stranding – 60% off
  • Journey to the Savage Planet – 60% off
  • Ghostrunner – 50% off
  • Control – 60% off

Nintendo eShop

  • Terraria – 50% off
  • Control – 50% off
  • Ghostrunner – 50% off
  • Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night – 50% off


  • Death Stranding – 60% off
  • Control: Ultimate Edition – 60% off
  • Assetto Corsa Competizione – 60% off
  • Red Solstice 2 – 30% off

The 505 Games anniversary celebrations – and the attached discounts – will run through until September 25, 2021. There are also other bits to the anniversary event, including giveaways and other activities, in addition to this lovely tribute video from some of 505 Games’ partners:

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