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You might already own one of the best Nintendo Switch stands you can get

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If you don’t like the flimsy design of the Nintendo Switch kickstand, you might already own the perfect alternative.

The design of the Nintendo Switch hardware has caused much debate, with issues around Joy-Con connectivity, weak Wi-Fi, and scratched screens putting Nintendo on the back foot.

A lot of this debate muddies the fact that the Nintendo Switch is a very cool piece of hardware. Considering the console’s hybrid approach, its design is as solid and ergonomic as you could hope for. In TV-mode the puppy-like Joy-Con grip is up to the task of imitating a standard game controller, and in handheld-mode the two Joy-Cons connect firmly to create a seamless and solid feeling portable device.

However, tabletop mode is another story. Pitched as one of the ‘three ways to play’, tabletop mode can be used for single or multiplayer games when you’re away from a television. 1-2 Switch and Snipperclips are early examples of games that benefit from tabletop mode, as is next month’s Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

Unfortunately the Switch’s kickstand, which folds out from the back of the system, is less than ideal. The kickstand is a very thin piece of plastic that is deliberately designed to snap off and be reattached should too much force be applied to it. The viewing angle is also a little off for many players.

It’s hardly the most problematic design flaw, but it would be nice if there was a solution, right?

Well, if you’re a committed Nintendo fan, you may already own the perfect substitute: The Wii U GamePad stand.

Wii U - GamePad Stand

This little piece of piece of black plastic was bundled with the Wii U Premium Pack and is used to prop up the Wii U GamePad. Did you ever use it? Probably not. I certainly don’t think I ever did. Maybe now is the little stand’s time to shine.

Popping a Nintendo Switch into the Wii U GamePad Stand feels much more secure than the system’s built-in kickstand, and it improves the viewing angle, too.

Using the Wii U GamePad Stand with the Nintendo Switch

So yes, it’s another piece of plastic to keep handy, but if you’re a long-term Nintendo fan that’s something you probably came to terms with many years ago.

The GamePad Cradle – a similar stand that charges the Wii U controller – can also be used, but the results are not nearly as impressive.

Another option: The Kid Icarus: Uprising 3DS Stand

A big thank you to Arthur_Jarret, who – in the comments below – suggests using the fold-up stand that came with Kid Icarus: Upring on 3DS. The Switch doesn’t feel quite as secure to me, but you can also charge the console while using it, which is really useful. Perhaps the best option is to use the GamePad stand at home and take the fold-up Icarus stand on the road.

Nintendo Switch - Kid Icarus Stand

If you have any other ideas on the best way to prop up the Nintendo Switch, let us know.

  1. I think a better alternative would be the stand that came with Kid Icarus 3DS. It has a gap so you can charge while playing AND it’s foldable so much more portable.

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