live-action Resident Evil 2 remake trailer
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Have you seen the brilliant live-action trailer for Resident Evil 2?

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Which one, you say? Well, either really – they’re both great.

George A. Romero, director of Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead – look, he mostly made “of the dead” movies – is the father of the zombie movie. Without him, zombies wouldn’t be the pervasive multimedia phenomenon they are today, and without his cinematic legacy, we definitely wouldn’t have Resident Evil.

You may not know that, in amongst all his other directorial credits, he also made a short, live-action trailer for Resident Evil 2, back in 1998.

It may be aged by the screen ratio and quality of the footage, but it’s still a great little short; a self-contained piece of story that set the tone and got people excited for Resident Evil 2.

Now the Resident Evil 2 remake is upon us, and it’s turned out something of a masterclass of remakes. It only seems fitting that someone has remade George A. Romero’s original live-action trailer, then, with all the care and subtlety to update it into the modern era that Capcom has exhibited with the game itself.

If that doesn’t get you scared and/or excited for Resident Evil 2, we don’t know what will. Also, kudos to the actress in the modern remake, pulling off the slightly disinterested, “I thought this was going to be a Hollywood blockbuster” look of the original trailer’s Claire.

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