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Chrono Trigger is 50% off on Steam following final patch

Square Enix continue to make amends with a huge discount for classic JRG, Chrono Trigger, on PC and mobile.



Chrono Trigger art

Square Enix continue to make amends with a huge discount for classic JRG, Chrono Trigger, on PC and mobile.

The infamous ‘definitive edition’ edition of Chrono Trigger on PC will go down in video game history as, well, a bit of a bungle. It was little more than a poorly optimised port of the mobile version, and it quickly drew ire from fans following its release in February.

Since then, a series of patches have gone a long way to restoring the classic JRPG to its rightful status. To mark the occasion – and build some bridges with fans, no doubt – Square Enix has reduced the price of the game on Steam and mobile by 50%. The promotion runs until August 27, 2018.


Some all-new desktop wallpapers, and game avatars are also available for all players to download for free.

The final patch for the Chrono Trigger on Steam includes new key binding functionality for game pad, keyboard and mouse controls, improved movement settings, plus some UI and display tweaks.

There’s also a new Extras option available after beating the game that includes a library of movie clips, along with a range of illustrations, music samples, and unlocked endings to view.

So, deep breath. If you want to play on the all-time greats, Chrono Trigger is now available on PC via Steam the Apple App Store, and Google Play. The Nintendo DS version is also well worth picking up on eBay.

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