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Cliff Blezinski to Epic: “Stop trying to hire away my team”

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Cliff Blezinski, creative director of the Gears of War series, has accused his former company of poaching his team.

Blezinski left Epic Games to start his own studio, called Boss Key, and has taken to Twitter to chew out his former employer:

“Hey @epicgames, could you please stop trying to hire away my team? We just launched @Radical_Heights on #UE4 and are really happy with how it’s going.”

He also mentions the newly-launched Radical Heights, an ‘80s take on the battle royale genre with a gameshow spin.

Blezinski suggests that Epic are attempting to hire away his developers due to a clash. Epic’s popular shooter Fortnite is in competition with Radical Heights.

“There’s room at this genre for more than a few games,” Blezinski tweeted. “We have plenty of ways to make it our own but they may never see the light of day if they keep doing this.”

It isn’t clear, at the moment, just how many developers have left Boss Key to join Epic. That number must be high enough to cause Blezinski problems.

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