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ZA/UM updates acclaimed Disco Elysium with an extreme Hardcore Mode and widescreen support.

Disco Elysium players looking for a little more challenge are in luck. ZA/UM has released a free update for the game that adds a hardcore mode. The new mode increases the difficulty of every check, reduces the amount of money available, and increases pharmaceutical prices.

In addition, alcohol and nicotine are now more useful, and thought cabinet debuffs are more painful. One silver lining is that you will now level up faster, with extra XP available every time you complete a task.

Hardcore Mode is not for us, then. But good luck to those to take it on.

In addition the update also adds widescreen support, and lovely it looks too. Here’s a new trailer.

If you haven’t tried Disco Elysium, it’s currently reduced by 20% in the Steam Lunar Sale. The game’s DLC – which includes a soundtrack and art book – is also on offer.

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