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There’s a patch on the way for Dragon Ball FighterZ which will include changes to the various modes and characters, as well as a host of tweaks and fixes.

There are changes to training mode, fixing a bug which made the assist gauge fill up when the player continuously blocked, and another that tweaked an animation issue.

Party Match, a new feature, has now been added: it means you can find matches with five other players. There’s a delightful little addition in that now the controller rumbles when you’ve found someone to match up against in Ranked and Casual modes.

When it comes to characters, there aren’t big balance changes so much as simple bug fixes: stopping Goku Black from disappearing after he uses “The Work of a God” after a Z change, and getting rid of the bug that stopped Frieza from using the “You Must Die by My Hand” move when he was on the ground in specific conditions.

There is a bunch more, and you can see the full patch notes here.

Recently, we went along to the Dragon Ball FighterZ launch event and got into a fight; it was fun!

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