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The first expansion for Far Cry 5, called Hours of Darkness, is out on June 5th, and Ubisoft has released a new trailer.

The expansion takes you back in time to the Vietnam war, only you still play as Far Cry 5’s protagonist, Wendell “Red” Redler.

Check out the trailer below:

The expansion can be played co-op and solo, just like the main game, and tasks players with rescuing squad mates and fighting off the VC and NVA forces.

It will also add “new gear and abilities” to the game, along with new game modes. The first, Survivor Mode, limits your loadout and tasks you with, well, surviving. The second, Action Movie Mode, gives you a massive loadout and lets you loose.

All Far Cry 5 players are getting access to the Vietnam-themed content for Far Cry Arcade. Meaning you will be able to use those assets on any of the maps you create. You don’t to download the update to gain access to this content.

Hours of Darkness is $12, but is included in the season pass which you can get for $30, and will give you access to future updates.

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