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Specifically, that’s Football Manager Touch 2018, which is a Nintendo Switch port of the tablet version of the game, but still! It’s Football Manager on the Switch!

Out of nowhere, a Football manager Nintendo Switch version appeared on the eShop today. And no, it wasn’t included in our weekly roundup of Switch releases, but that’s because it was – to be fair, a very well-kept – secret until today.

The Football Manager Nintendo Switch release is effectively a port of the tablet version of the game, designed for iPads and various Android slabs. It has the official title of Football Manager Touch 2018, which makes it sound like a touch-screen only affair, but fear not: the Switch version supports custom JoyCon controls, too. This means you can play using both control methods on the go, and doesn’t effectively rule people out from playing in docked mode on their telly, either.

Though quite frankly, why you’re playing it on the TV is beyond us; the portable nature of the Switch, combined with the jam-it-straight-into-your-veins appeal of Football Manager, means it’s perfect for playing on the go. On the bus. On the loo. In bed. While you should be working.

Meanwhile on Twitter, this guy sums it all up rather nicely:

And he’s not the only one. Sega and Sports Interactive are definitely onto a winner, here.

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